Windshield Chip/Crack Repair


Chips in your windshield are basically impossible to avoid, and once it happens, there is nothing that can be done right?? WRONG! Here at Mudgett's Mobile Detail & Wash we are glad to offer windshield chip repair, and we are even certified for the job and can take payment through your insurance! Once the chip occurs, you should look to have the chip corrected as soon as possible or that small chip will turn into an edge to edge crack, leaving the only option of complete windshield replacement. Complete replacement can be very spendy, and also isn't ideal for your car. Once the original seal of the windshield is removed, you may be facing an annual windshield replacement cost. We want to preserve that factory seal and also save you time and money! Additionally, when your windshield is replaced it is thrown into a land fill or the ocean and contributes to the declining environment. Windshield chip repair is definitely the cost and time saving alternative to complete replacement, not to mention you may be saving yourself from annual windshield replacements and also contributing to the conservation of the environment. First, we purge the air pockets of the chip and then the organic carbon based resin is used to fill the air gaps in your chip which stops the damage from  increasing and spreading.

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